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Introductory: Includes the fundamentals of open water, fixed seat rowing; an understanding of the goals and plans you have and the development of a basic training programme to achieve your targets. It includes risk assessment and safety; rowing in teams in a variety of boats; learning how teams work; fixed seat stroke technique; fitness and personal training plans; equipment; sea and boat knowledge.
Intermediate: Assumes a level of competency in traditional rowing and develops skills to competition level sea rowing and personal performance plans. It includes extended rowing activities up to 12 hours rowing; crew changes and managing fatigue.
Elite: Training and Coaching crews to compete in Extreme Endurance programmes like the london to Paris, Cross Channel or Tidal Thames rows.
 Traditional Rowing Training:
Delivered in Partnership with Langstone Cutters Rowing Club: Next Programme;
6 week Introductory Course: 
Saturday 2 July meet at 11.00 at Langstone
Saturday 9 July meet at 16.30 at Langstone
Saturday 16 July meet at 11.00 at Langstone
Saturday 23 July meet at 15.30 at Langstone
Saturday 30 July meet at 11.00 at Northney Marina
Saturday 6 August meet at 11.00 at Northney Marina
The programme starts with rowing basics; sculling in Thames Skiffs and Tiefi Skiffs - learnming basics of the stroke; timing and length; body work and team work basics. the role of the coxswain.
Progresses to rowing in 4 oared Skiffs; Single oars, in heavier, stable sea boats; more understanding of timing; rythm, power and pace.
An introduction to lightweight racing Solent Galleys, rowing at pace; technique improvement; training and improvement routines.
Finally learning the basics of the Cornish Pilot Gig - rowing with rowlocks and Thole Pins, racing, turning and open water principles.
The Adventure Gig