Leadership and Team Building Events

Why Traditional Rowing? Rowing is the ultimate team sport – in order to succeed you need a crew who know exactly what the Team Goals are and each individual’s role in delivering those Goals.

In rowing, the crew have to understand the mutual dependencies that exist, communicate well, trust one another and be skilled and competent to deliver their own part to the success of the whole.

Every rowing team is reliant on good timing; effort; cohesion and the effectiveness that comes from training and working together; executing their part with complete commitment. Winning only comes with everyone working together for the same goal. If that sounds like a recipe for a successful business team as well, you may be right...

Rowing therefore offers a unique way to improve leadership and team dynamics in the workplace.  As well as complementing corporate strategy and planning sessions, it builds motivated staff, improves role definitions and the benefits team working towards shared success – and is a lot of fun!

Traditional rowing boats are safe and easy to use and the mix of classroom debate, examples, theory and practical activity provides an effective and enjoyable learning experience that bonds teams together like no other.

 Candidates enjoy the pleasure of learning new things about themselves and their teams in a friendly and supportive environment.

"Learning is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to drop back

Chinese Proverbs

"Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat.".

Jean-Paul Sartre  1905 - April 15, 1980)

‘Leadership through Rowing’ Programmes are designed to work with organisations in order to:

    ·     Engage Individuals’ in understanding the Business Goals and Plans;

    ·    Engage Teams in understanding the critical aspects of working together to achieving Business goals;

    ·     Practice working in teams in an activity that is safe and all can enjoy.

We work with organisations, Trainers, Business Coaches and Managers to make sure the learning from rowing is applied to the business needs of the team.

We can help communicate the need for goals and strategies to deliver results; for the team to work together on the actions necessary to make things happen; that each of the team is dependent on the others for everyone to 'win'. goals.  

We work by creating Goal Directed Plans that are owned by the teams that created them - not imposed by management. These plans then lead to commitment, mutual support and ultimately - success.

The Langstone Hotel, adjacent the Northney Marina is the venue for the Leadership Through Rowing team building events. 

"In no other sport is the word TEAM so meaningful as in crew. Together in a boat,  oars and rowers - cox, stroke, all the way to the bow. One rower's demon haunts the entire boat; perfection in one oarsman means nothing. A set boat and solid row is achieved solely when the crews minds think identically, bodies melt together to form one machine."

Mike Gilbert,
17 Jul 2011, 13:49
Mike Gilbert,
17 Jul 2011, 12:20